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Quick and Easy Morning Detox Methods

Keeping with my attention on fertility as mentioned in my last post, I’m going to key you in on my first focused attempt on creating a healthier body with child bearing in mind by talking a little bit about my morning detox methods.

About a month ago I got inspired to perform at least one detox method first thing in the morning upon getting out of bed. The inspiration came from information learned at Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within (UPW) event I attended in Chicago this past July. By the way, a life changing event and so worth attending!

Tony’s research team has discovered your body is most toxic and dehydrated in the morning when you wake-up from a long slumber.

Quality sleep is important because it is when your body rebuilds and rebalances to give you its best shot at living a vital life, but this process leads to the release of toxins in your body.

Also, your body has been still for hours (hopefully!) and since movement is key to getting toxins out of your body, the extended period of time with lack of movement while sleeping leads to buildup of toxins. Excess toxins in the body are destructive to your health and your life and certainly are not helpful to you when trying to become pregnant!

So, I have my inspiration, but I thought what am I going to do with this knowledge? It Immediately came to me I am more likely to keep doing my morning detox methods on a mostly daily basis if they are quick to put into action and to perform. I know myself! 🙂

The easiest thing I could think to do is drink about 8oz of water as soon as I wake-up before I get out of bed. Drinking water helps move toxins out of your body. An added benefit to drinking water first thing in the morning is it starts to fight the dehydration effects of sleeping.

I set myself up for success by placing a closed glass bottle full of water on my nightstand, good to last for at least a few days so I didn’t have to fill it up day after day. A closed bottle because it kind of weirded me out to drink a glass of water exposed to the open air for hours. Who knows what’s falling out of the air and into my glass!

My glass bottle
My glass bottle from Target

I started with 8oz of water because I’m not a huge water drinker and figured I’d quit my morning drink if I made it too substantial. It turns out that once I got the hang of drinking 8oz of water for a few weeks, I automatically upped my consumption to about 24oz. Sometimes I zig and zag a little, but most days I get 24oz of water in during my morning, 8oz of which I drink before I even get out of bed!

I didn’t stop at just drinking water. Since I love to do energy medicine to balance my energies, I figured why not do a technique to help detox my body. The technique I thought of first was  spooning my feet followed by clearing my foot and hand gaits. I guess that’s technically two different exercises, but they’re so easy and fast to do it feels like just one! Don’t believe me? Check out the video below to see for yourself!


Just to recap, the energy medicine techniques I do to help my body get rid of accumulated morning time toxins are:

  • Spooning the feet
    1. Perform on both feet
    2. Rub for 15 seconds (or longer if you so desire) on each foot
    3. Use any rubbing pattern that feels good to you
    4. Must use a stainless steel utensil (spoon, fork, spork, etc.)
  • Clearing the Foot and Hand Gaits
    1. Use deep pressure
    2. Perform on each foot and each hand
    3. Clear for as long as you’d like!

That’s a wrap on this post. Let me know how you help your body detox by leaving a comment below. Thanks for tuning in!

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