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1 Easy Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Digestion

‘Tis the season for crazy eating! I LOVE this time of year, but at the same time it can be my nemesis if I’m not careful.

Currently, my body’s go-to physical ailment when my energies get out of balance involve my digestive system. My symptoms often include bloating, gas, and/or sluggish digestion in general.

When I know I may overindulge or eat certain types of food I typically avoid in my every day life (like during the holiday season), I always keep in mind specific energy balancing techniques that keep my energies related to digestion and metabolism flowing well. These techniques will help me avoid any digestive woes while still being able to enjoy the holiday foods that appeal to me.

Instead of overwhelming you with a bunch of techniques to start, here’s just 1 easy thing you can do to improve your digestion and to help you metabolize all you may take in this holiday season -food or strong emotions (drama for some?!).

Definitely consider this EASY and EFFECTIVE technique if you want to prevent or improve digestive issues. It takes just 30 seconds of your time and only involves tapping on a couple of points on the body. Simple, right?!

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