Fertility – My Topic of Focus

I’ve spent the last few months hemming and hawing about where to put my focus when it comes to helping others reach a specific goal related to their health and wellness.  Sure, there is always the broad goal of achieving a vital life full of fun and happiness, but I’m feeling the need to go a bit more specific.  No, we won’t lose sight of learning how to allow our vital force within ourselves to shine through into our daily lives, that goal or premise is a given.

I don’t know, I guess sticking with a particular topic for a while will help me stay true to my desires during these transformative days.  Leaving the pharmacy behind to use my talents and skills in a private holistic health practice is where I want to be full time, not just part time.  At this moment, I’m spending 3 days a week (Monday, Thursday, and Friday) at my job in the pharmacy.  The other days I’m in the comfort of my own office providing energy medicine sessions and being of service to others in a way that better suits my soul.

Anyhow, I’ve decided to spend a decent amount of time covering a topic in which the unveiling of makes me feel vulnerable in a variety of ways. Yes, so vulnerable I feel like I must be falling off the deep end.  Why would I put myself out there for the rest of the World to bear witness to what will likely be a very personal journey? Well, because I truly believe sharing my journey will be helpful to so many woman it would be a shame not to invite others along for the ride.

By now you’re probably wondering what the heck I’ll be talking about.  Fine, I’ll cut to the chase, but do try to be easy on me as this path unfolds! 

And the topic is…..FERTILITY! Yes, I said it, fertility, and we can add on any other related randomness that comes up in discussion (i.e. pregnancy)


I’m actually not actively trying to become pregnant, so I’m not aware of any personal issues in this department, nor do I fear any issues, but I am 35 years old and getting married this October; 10/10/15 to be exact. Woot woot! But you know what that means?  The incessant questioning of when I’ll have a baby will soon follow.  That’s what I’m picturing anyway!

You know that old saying “first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage?”  I feel like come October, it may be a non-stop mantra spurting out of the mouths of various family members and friends. I’m just making assumptions here, which are probably based on fears of receiving any attention related to getting and being pregnant, but it makes sense, right? I’m 35 and that’s getting up there in age when it comes to just starting to procreate, so I better get on it. To be honest.

Now, I may not be experiencing fertility issues or infertility, but some ladies out there are, regardless of their age.

What I am going to do is provide energy medicine and holistic health techniques via written word and videos in hopes I can help at least one woman out there conceive a baby more easily. Also, I will cover some topics regarding fertility treatments from a conventional medicine perspective.

If you have specific questions or concerns about fertility and natural ways you can support yourself whether you are experiencing an issue or not, please leave a comment below or send me an email at Cate@HealPlayLive.com.

Until next time, thanks for checking out my blog!




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