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Powerfully Impact Your Hormones Using Energy Medicine

Often times I feel overwhelmed when I’m trying to figure out what to write about, or better said, I feel overwhelmed when I’m trying to figure out how I can best help others heal so they can experience a more vibrant and fun life. So, when I started reading about hormones, I thought this is it, I’ll write something about hormones because they’re confusing and overwhelming too. It’s a match made in heaven!

Just to give you an idea of how overwhelming hormones can be, we have more than 250 of them to keep balanced in order for our body to be truly healthy. What’s more is they rely on each other to do their jobs, so if one hormone level becomes out of balance it starts to throw the other 249+ hormones off too.

Why is this such a big deal? Well, your hormones are involved with practically every part of your human experience. They control growth, metabolism, reproduction, and many other bodily processes. So, if your hormones get out of balance, your bodily processes aren’t going to function properly, which no doubt is going to make you feel lousy in some way or another.

The lousiness could show up as sleep disturbances (i.e. insomnia), depression, thyroid issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, anger, frequent colds, difficulty concentrating and on and on. Whatever the issue, it’s likely to be linked to some hormone imbalance somewhere along the way.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get more complex, it does! Hormones are linked to your energy body too. If your hormones become out of whack, your energies compensate, and if your energies have to compensate for too long, the lousy symptoms listed above make a grand appearance in your life.

The good news is we have powerful energy medicine techniques to help bring our hormones back into balance instead of having to rely on medications or invasive techniques to get our body back on track. What an amazing feeling it is to be able to teach our body to heal itself!

One master hormone balancing Eden Energy Medicine technique I’m going to teach you in this article balances some of the most important and well-known hormones in your body –adrenaline, cortisol, melatonin, thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone –and stimulates a point that promotes overall or general hormone balancing too.

I made a video for you (see below) to demonstrate how to do this technique, which Donna Eden (a pioneer in the Energy Medicine world) calls the Rooster Comb Hold. By doing this exercise (it takes only 3 minutes to do!) you are stimulating the pineal gland, the pituitary gland, and the hypothalamus gland, three glands that play a powerful role in hormonal activity.

We’ll go into the details of how each gland affects particular hormones in a future article, but in the meantime start with this energy medicine technique to help yourself get a solid jumpstart on balancing your overall hormone levels.

Introducing the Rooster Comb Hold (note: you’ll do what’s called a Crown Pull first, but that’s also demonstrated in the video so no worries!):

Okay, definitely let me know if there is a specific hormone you want to learn more about from an energy medicine perspective by leaving a comment below or by emailing me at

Many blessings to you all!


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