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It’s Almost Earth Day and You Don’t Know How You Can Help Heal the Planet. Here’s a Way.

Perhaps one of the best ways you can help heal the planet is by starting with healing yourself first. Since we’re energetically connected to everything, any energy healing you do for yourself will have a beneficial ripple effect of healing on others too (the planet included). Once your energies become balanced, you’ll be in more of a receptive mode where the solution to how you can directly help the Earth will come to you.

When we focus on the health of this planet, as we may do on Earth Day, many of us see it in a state of decline or destruction. This may bring up feelings of resentment or anger or frustration with others because of their poor treatment of this planet. Or maybe you feel some guilt on not playing a bigger part in keeping our environment healthy and thriving. It’s also possible you may be experiencing some jealousy that someone you know has started living a more “green” life, but you can’t quite seem to get your act together, then you start to judge yourself (not necessary, by the way!).

These feelings are associated with imbalanced Spring energies, so they may be felt more powerfully during this time of year if you are out of energetic alignment.

Try the energy medicine technique below (in the video) to help soothe your resistance and balance your energies so the negative feelings can subside. Once the negative feelings start to subside, you know healing is taking place. Life will feel more happily ever after and you’ll just know how you can help in the way that is more in alignment with who you really are.

Feels nice and relaxing, right?! By the way, any time you feel anger, resentment, guilt, jealousy or frustration, no matter what the subject of attention is, you can perform the above energy medicine technique. You can also use the technique to prevent the above feelings and to keep up the good health of your gall bladder and liver. Just some extra thoughts for you!

Super! If anything comes up well-being or energy medicine-wise that you’d like to share, leave a comment below or email me at Cate@HealPlayLive.com. Questions and comments are always welcome!

XO Cate

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