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What is Energy Medicine?

Ha! I knew you would ask, so I’ve come prepared!  Well, sort of anyway.  I’m using the definition, with permission of course, from because as they mention on the site, it’s probably best to keep the terminology within the field of energy medicine cohesive.

Here ya go!

Energy Medicine Is:

Energy medicine is the art and science of assessing and harmonizing the body’s energies to maximize one’s own or another’s well-being.

The body’s energies include the electrical, electromagnetic, and electrochemical energies that are recognized by science as being involved in every bodily function, and they also include the more subtle energies recognized by time-honored healing and spiritual traditions as providing the animating force of the physical body as well as its invisible infrastructure.

The term “energy medicine” uses the word “medicine” in the sense of “Laughter is good medicine”; “Love is good medicine”; “Exercise is good medicine”; “Gratifying work is good medicine”; “Vacations are good medicine.”

In energy medicine, “keeping the body’s energies in an optimal flow and harmony” is good medicine. That is the way energy medicine achieves its purpose of enhancing well-being at the levels of body, mind, and spirit.

Energy Medicine Is Not:

Energy medicine is not a specific healing system, but rather an umbrella term that encompasses a wide range of energy-oriented healing approaches, from Healing Touch to Eden Energy Medicine, the topic of this website.

While Eden Energy Medicine practitioners receive extensive training and supervised experience, neither energy medicine nor Eden Energy Medicine are currently regulated by any government agencies within the United States. Nor is Eden Energy Medicine a practice that diagnoses or treats illnesses of body or mind, though it may be a complement to such practices.

(Explanation copied with permission from

So, to add to the above information, some other types of practices that utilize energy medicine that you may be familiar with are acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, and qigong, to name a few. They all bring your body’s energies into balance and harmony in their various ways.

Actually, simply stretching is a form of energy medicine because it is creating space within your body, which allows your energies to move and shift.  More on that later though!

Some tools that are used in energy medicine to get the energy moving and shifting are magnets, light, color, sound, crystals, and most importantly, your hands!

It’s true!  It turns out scientists have been able to measure an electromagnetic field on human hands, which acts as an external current so when applied to the skin of another being (human or animal), a physiological process is initiated.  The electromagnetic field of the giver’s hands causes countless cells within the receiver to act together to bring about this physiological reaction.

This is just one example of how our hands can be used to apply energy medicine to ourselves or one another!

What does this mean? Well, since our hands are our most important tool, it means that energy medicine is very accessible, natural, and safe!


What is Eden Energy Medicine?

I received my training in energy medicine through the Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) Certification Program founded by Donna Eden, a pioneer in the field of energy medicine and holistic healing.

Her program is based on the 9 energy systems that she can see.  I mean that literally, since she was born she can see the energy of 9 different energy systems! You may recognize the names of some of them like the chakras, aura, and meridians, but the others are more subtle and perhaps not as well-known in your society.  However, all of them are recognized and used among the different healing traditions of our world.

With EEM, we use energy testing, otherwise known as “muscle testing” (a technique used in applied kinesiology) to track a person’s energies in and among the 9 different energy systems.  The energy tracking allows us to find where the imbalances, weaknesses, and disturbances are in an individual’s energy body.

In EEM, energy is not only the medicine, but the patient too!

The disrupted energy patterns in the energy body, especially if they are chronic disruptions, lead to physical illnesses, a dis-spirited state, or mental or emotional disorders.  This is where energy acts as the patient!

We aim to repattern the disrupted energies (the patient) by activating the body’s natural healing energies (the medicine)!

To do this we can use any or all of the following methods, which will influence energy patterns and flow:

  • Tapping, twisting, pressing, light pinching, or connecting specific energy balancing points on the skin by holding the points simultaneously.
  • Tracing or whirling the hand on or over the skin along specific energy pathways.
  • Postures or exercises that produce specific energetic effects
  • Focused use of the mind to move specific energies
  • Using one’s hands, intentions, or presence to surround an area with healing energies

EEM can act as its own complete system for self-care or works beautifully as a complement to other medical care approaches.  My favorite part about EEM is that it is one well-oiled empowerment machine!

At every session, an EEM practitioner teaches you how to do various energy medicine techniques specific for your needs so you can use them as a method for self-care at home or wherever you may go.

Theses self-care techniques are crucial to your recovery!  An energy medicine session initiates a process that requires ongoing support from you (by doing your self-care!).  The length of time it will take for energy patterns to correct will vary from person to person and will depend on how long the disrupted pattern(s) existed.

Just know that you are moving your energies back to their intended positive patterns by doing your self-care techniques.  This is true even if you don’t feel the energies moving, per se.  Eventually, relief from your primary concern(s) should result!

Whoa, that was a lot for me to process, I can’t imagine how you must be feeling!

Please leave any comments or questions below or at my email

Thanks so much for your time!

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