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My Personal Evolution

Oh my, what have I done?  I worked long and hard to get through 8 total years of college, earning my Doctorate in Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) along the way, and I have now decided to take a different road altogether.

This new path is fun and exhilarating and offers people hope and inspiration, and because of this I couldn’t ignore the longing to make the change.  From my perspective, I have chosen to leave the more fearful and limited route behind.

Shoot, where did my old path end and the new one begin?!  How on Earth did I get to where I am now, an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP)?

To be honest, the beginning of the path is a little fuzzy.  I think it’s because multiple factors came into play and the combination was enough to kick-start my curiosity…and perhaps I was a bit desperate!

Personal Evolution

Factor #1: I started to experience chronic diarrhea and intestinal issues.  We’re talking daily issues that I could no longer tolerate!

From my days in the pharmacy, I knew I didn’t want to visit a conventional medical provider.  If I did, I was pretty sure I’d be put through a battery of unnecessary tests only to be diagnosed with the all-encompassing diagnosis of IBS and be prescribed medications that were going to be only mildly effective yet full of possible side effects.

This may not be the most responsible decision I’ve made, and I’m certainly not suggesting you follow the same plan of action, I’m just being honest here!

Somehow I came across a great book called the Mood Cure and I’m not sure how I even came to read it, but I did.  From this book, I learned a great deal about how food affects our mood and overall health.  It was this book that led me to cut out gluten from my diet, which did help tremendously, but not 100% and not enough to leave me fully satisfied with how I was feeling.

From there, I met with a naturopath who suggested I take certain supplements, herbs, and vitamins, but none of them helped.  I can’t remember the names of the products, but I took them religiously as prescribed and got no extra relief.

Then one glorious day not too long after I set out to find a fix for my digestive issues, I attended a day long workshop called Shift Charlotte and serendipitously came across a vendor, Eva who practices several different alternative healing modalities including Eden Energy Medicine.

She demonstrated how to do a couple of energy medicine techniques and walked me through how to do them on my own.  They were very simple techniques, but by golly, I could feel something and this something felt really good!  I was sold on her services, and right then and there I signed-up for an initial consultation appointment.

After just a few visits with Eva, I was feeling astonishingly better.  She did use methods from all of the modalities she has training in, but it was my self-discipline in sticking with the extremely quick and easy at-home Eden Energy Medicine techniques that really helped my healing progress!

What was most astounding was that I was not just feeling better physically, but I felt significantly healthier in mind, body, and spirit as a whole.  I was so amazed that I kept asking her questions about what she was doing during our energy medicine sessions and how it worked.

I think she may have become a little tired of my constant probing because it wasn’t long before she suggested I read Donna Eden’s award-winning book Energy Medicine.  I took her advice, purchased the book, and read it in no time at all.  I couldn’t put the book down, I was so enthralled.

It was Eva who also informed me that the first year of Donna Eden’s EEM Certification Program, the Foundations Year was going to be taught by a faculty member right here in Charlotte, NC.  All of the classes of the program had typically only been taught in Phoenix, AZ, but now the first year was being offered in various locations around the world, and Charlotte was one of them!

It was meant to be for me and I didn’t hesitate in signing-up.  I haven’t stopped with the energy medicine since then!  My studies of EEM are extensive, and I even went on to become an authorized teacher of EM101/102. Since I’m a forever student, I will continue to learn and study all about holistic healing and medicine, and you better believe I’ll share my findings right here on Heal Play Live!

Factor #2: My career as a pharmacist was leaving me with a life that was less than desirable.  I was not fulfilled, plain and simple!  That’s not to say I am not grateful for my time in the pharmacy.

The experience I gained from my pharmacy work is what will lead to my successes with energy medicine and as an integrative health practitioner.  I have learned how to be structured and logical, how to multi-task like the best of ‘em, and how to be compassionate in some really difficult situations.  These are all traits that I feel are needed to succeed on my new path and that I know I personally would not have gained had I started with energy medicine from the get-go.

No worries, I’m not leaving pharmacy behind completely.  I know drugs are here to stay, at least in the healthcare system here in the Western countries, and at times, they may even be a necessary component to your well-being.

With my vast knowledge about medications and the crucial role I can play in integrating conventional medicine with ancient traditional healing methods like energy medicine, I know I must help my colleagues bridge the gap between the two medical approaches!

Factor #3: People need to know that other healing methods exist; they’re not just limited to medications.

I have heard the phrase “I have no other choice” all too often throughout my pharmacy career.  Many people truly believe the only way they can get and feel better is by taking a drug.  They feel frustrated, scared, and hopeless when it comes to finding an answer to their ailments.  It eventually became frustrating to me to see so many people constantly struggling and feeling powerless when it came to their own health.

I had an inclination there were other opportunities for people to take advantage of in treating their health problems, but energy medicine was the key that really opened my eyes to these other healing methods.

People don’t want to just feel better physically, they want to live a life full of passion and joy; a result a drug would have a hard time producing, but what energy medicine is all about.

People need help and they need it now!  I’m here to lift the veil between the healthcare worlds and show people what’s really out there in the world of healing.

There you have it, the story behind my new beginning.  If you have any questions or anything to add to this post, by all means, please comment below.  Here’s to empowering ourselves to be the best human being we can possibly be, cheers!

Much love,





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