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When Alcohol Becomes Too Much

If there’s a good time of year to have a little extra Liver organ support, St. Patrick’s Day has to be it. Not only are thousands of people drinking alcohol to excess (at least here in the United States), but as mentioned in my previous posts, we’re headed into Spring which is when the energy running through the liver is at its peak.

It’s sort of a double whammy…extra balancing needed for the powerful energy moving through the liver coupled with more alcohol than usual in the body that is processed and removed by the very same organ!

With this in mind, I’ve made a little video that shows you how to send healing energy to your liver during times when it may be stressed, like on St. Patrick’s Day! 🙂

Everything is energy including colors, and green really is nourishing to the liver because of its association with the Spring-related Wood Rhythm. So help a liver out even more tomorrow by wearing green. Stay calm and go green!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

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